Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Update 3

Tea Party is the Enemy?
I think this analysis gives no credit to the American people. Perhaps Pres Obama's proposal was flawed and we figured it out before he could cram it through Congress on a wave of emotion and garbage polling data, like Obamacare. If this dude thinks the Tea Party is Pres Obama's "enemy", he must also think Pres Obama's enemy is the American way of life.

Incompetence is our Defense! 
I really enjoy the Obama administration using a "we are incompetent" defense to whitewash the "cover up" accusations. We all know nothing sticks to a Clinton, so the (R)s are wasting their time. Whatever mess a Clinton makes, it always sticks to their minions (a la Monica's blue dress), while they walk away unscathed. I think the Clinton's owe the liberal media a lifetime of thanks, for their water toting effort on the family's behalf. 

The "It Wasn't Me" Defense
Sweet sweet justice. I guess no one in the WH had anything to do with this right? If you take a second and think about it, according to their own admission Pres Obama's WH only; answers questions on a daily basis with Jay Carney, meets with foreign diplomats, golf, campaign and party with celebs. Somehow the economy isn't getting much better, the middle east is falling apart, nK is taunting us for money, Russia is abusing our diplomats, and China is beating our butts in the cyber war. Maybe, just maybe this president is not capable of doing the job.

Liberal Delusion
Mr Cohen is quite the character. He is attempting to satirize the Benghazi incident and slough off the issue as a result of some Fox News enabled mental disorder. Now I am no liberal, but usually when a conservative makes some comment like this you liberals blow an O-ring about how "insensitive" and "uncaring" it is to make light of mental disorders  So let's hear it liberals where is the flippin outrage, you flaming hypocrites? 

Are you even aware of the date? For the record it is 2013 and your savior has had the reigns for 5 years. If your assertion had any legitimacy the enlightened, almighty Pres Obama would have; 1- pulled out of Iraq immediately (he did not), 2-pulled out of Afghanistan immediately (he did not), 3-close Gitmo (he did not), and 4-filed charges against his predecessor while he had a full liberals Congress (he did not). I don't think Pres Bush or VP Cheney were the best leaders we have ever had, but even your liberal Queen Sec Clinton voted for the Iraq war so get your darn facts straight and ask your demi-god to start towing his weight from the White House because from here this guy is either totally incompetent or more corrupt than Pres Clinton and Bush 43 combined. Regardless this is his administration and their mess, so drop the Bush bashing it is so lame. 

WaPo Hacks! 
WaPo Ed Board never ceases to amaze. I am not sure you clowns have any more credibility than the Pres and his "I know nothing" defense in every situation. The simple fact that you print "a large share of the hidden cash was channeled through 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organizations" within the article that responds to a scandal in which the IRS never granted the tax exempt status to over 300 conservative groups proves you are in the tank for liberals, period. Literally hundreds of conservative groups never got into the fight (results prove that fact) as a result of liberal cheating, lying and government intimidation and you think reform is the issue. Wake up before your messiah sends his DoJ goons after your moms e-mail and they discover you still live in her basement.

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