Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update 2

Ridiculous "Journalism"

Peggy could have written this article about recovering from Vietnam, yet less than 8 years later, conservatives won the White house again. Liberals will go to this whipping post far to often, while Iran sets up its nuclear arsenal and the level playing field will be back. Liberal "feelings" won't be swayed until the realization that the world is not going to be a snugly farm town and we need another leader in the White house, instead of a pop icon. I only wish we could stop repeating our national mistakes.

"he became another toy soldier chasing nonexistent weapons of mass destruction."--no agenda here right? "reporters who failed to probe military decisions"--contradicts your agenda there liberal writer guy; you fail to probe Pres Obama's military decisions too. Say about Libya, or Benghazi, or Syria. The shoe sucks when it fails to fit either foot.  "he would have been quiet after his injuries had he been sent to Afghanistan"--apparently he did not read the contract he signed when volunteering for service. No it's not fair and yes it sucks, but that's why it's voluntary. This country should do everything humanly possible to save and/or fix the broken lives of our service men and women injured physically, mentally or not at all because of the sacrifices they made and continue to make for this country. Political opportunists like the writer should hang their heads in shame for trying to exploit the tragedies that result from failed leadership, regardless of affiliation.

"what we do know is that these cheating scandals have been a result of test-obsessed school reform."--I see, the reform made the teachers cheat, lie and fraudulently portray success?  Yes liberals lets blame the system regardless of crimes or ethical violations of the people implementing the system have committed. I will join you by blaming the intrigue of the stock market for insider trading or blame the American people for all of Pres Obama's vacations, because after all we gave him a plane, or Medicare for the doctors who commit fraud. It's just to hard to follow the rules, so we must cheat, lie, and commit crimes. It's called greed Eugene you dolt, stop blaming anything but the scumbag teachers and administrators who violated the rules, laws or ethics of their "profession".

“accumulate many millions of dollars in these accounts, substantially more than is needed to fund reasonable levels of retirement saving.”

“accumulate many millions of dollars in these accounts, substantially more than is needed to fund reasonable levels of retirement saving.”
I guess now Pres Obama and his minions get to choose how much money is "reasonable" for retirement. I hope you liberals are happy, your leader is sealing our fate with his reconstruction of America. Next step, 401K confiscation with a promised annuity for your end years.

"As secretary of state, she improved her standing on foreign policy" -- revising history in preparation for the run huh?  I hear a lot about how "great" Sec Clinton was at the State Dept, but all I see is a more volatile middle-east, an almost nuclear Iran, a belligerent nK, and a Syria in flames still (let's just give her the Benghazi thing, after all they did arrest the video guy). Leadership like that you can keep.

This sounds to me like a very expensive daycare plan. If parents (you know, the ones who chose to give life to the child) don't want to take care of the child, they should not force the rest of us to babysit with our money. It seems to me we have a long line of failed extra spending plans in education lasting decades, yet improving nothing in the world of education except the bank accounts of education administrators (notice I did not say teachers).  We can throw another trillion at this disaster and we will still end up with more dependent, uneducated simpletons to work in our McDonald's. Parents need to take charge of their kids education or liberals will do it for you and they charge a lot.

Did I miss something?  It seems to me we are only trying "reform" immigration, because we are currently unable control immigration under current laws. That being said, I would also like some tax reform and healthcare reform since no one person in the government (you know the ones responsible) can tell you how the stuff actually works, but they all seem to provide an opinion of how it should work.
P.S. My kids want some education reform because "it's hard"; the exact same excuse the feds give for not doing their darn job.

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