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Millions of Americans live their daily lives blissfully ignorant of the laundry list of what I will call issues, some would call scandals and the truth may include criminal activity engulfing President Obama’s second term administration. I provide links below to previous posts I made, that identify the problems from the first term that I feel enabled this wave of turmoil in the second term. Two of the “issues” I am referring to have won their own paragraph in this blog post for two reasons; 1-someone is lying or lied to us , and 2-POTUS knows nothing about it. Now I am no genius and my previous employer didn’t think I was fit to move to the senior executive level of the USAF, but one thing I do know and that is leaders (true leaders, not leaders by position or rank) do not claim ignorance, blame others, or dance around serious issues. I have seen enough of that crap in my life to gag a hippo and it’s one of the major things that ruined my view of DoD leadership. The one thing about being on top of the pyramid that most people don’t see on the Kardashians, Real Housewives of NY, or whatever stupid television programs they watch; accountability.  American culture is devoid of responsibility and shame and as such we are destroying our government, political system and eventually it will break down our economic viability in the world. Now I know many people will think, “Chugiak you are some sort of doomsday activist and you probably have a basement full of guns and food”. I assure you I do not and unlike most people I think it is relatively easy for our country to turn around and get back on course. Let’s see if we can’t identify some of the examples of shameless self-serving leaderless activity in the current administration and discuss what might fix the problem.
Benghazi- Many people think the death of four people in a small North African country in the middle of a civil war is not important to them, or sad but merely the result of American intervention in another foreign country. I would argue that the 9/11 attack on our consulate in that little town in Libya, is a window into Pres Obama’s version of American policy at home and abroad as well as a direct result of those policies. It also clarifies the options the country can take at the next fork in the road (ie the 2016 presidential election). On the one hand we Pres Obama and likeminded liberals who think that terrorism is merely an advanced version of crime, easily dealt with if the world would adopt our judicial process as its own.  If you think that is a simplistic version just look at the attempts to try terror mastermind KSM in New York, or the refusal of the administration to identify the killing of 13 soldiers and wounding of many more in TX by a Major in their own service as “terrorism”. In the case of KSM Congress had to stop the inevitable circus that would have taken place in NY if KSM was brought to an American court. If you think this NSA clown is exposing some secrets, you would flip out as the KSM lawyers exposed every nook and cranny of human intelligence collection by America overseas. The Ft Hood shooter will be tried in a military court as a military member under the UCMJ, even though according to the NY Times; “Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people, told a judge on Tuesday that he believed he was defending the lives of the Taliban leadership in Afghanistan”. I am no lawyer but sounds like a soldier in the “war on terrorism” to me. Of course Pres Obama doesn’t believe in a “war on terror”, not that he doesn’t believe in war of course. He did in fact support the NATO operations in Libya, which directly resulted in the 9/11 attack on our consulate in Benghazi Libya.

IRS- I have heard a litany of liberals claim that IRS targeting of “tea party”, “patriot”, and other conservative or Israeli organizations seeking tax exempt status is the result of staffers in Ohio offices who went rogue.  What I haven’t heard is the media (or public, other than those abused) demand some accountability, punishment or exposure of who is responsible. I seem to remember countless days of the media chasing the “leaked” name of a “covert CIA agent” during the Bush administration. The media and liberal public demanded someone’s head on a pike and they got one. We will not see the same effort in the IRS case under the Obama administration. No one will be fired and the abuse will (and does) continue. I am thoroughly disgusted by people that poo poo the outrageous behavior of the most powerful element of the federal government and the absolute abuse of that power. I would urge my liberal friends to put the shoe on the other foot. What would you think, do, or say if the IRS under a Bush administration was denying adjudication of tax exempt organizations based on their liberal ideology exposed by the names of their organizations, asked for donor lists and released personal information to opposition organizations? I can find no possible way that lifelong civil servants in the IRS would suddenly decide to scrutinize individual groups based on their names, unless they received guidance to do so. Someone (I don’t think we will ever find out who) told these civil servants to apply the new standards “targeting” conservative groups. The one thing I do know is some of these groups have been complaining about this issue to Congress since 2010. They received no redress for their grievance. The media in this country did nothing to investigate the accusations, as if they new what was happening and didn’t care. The only reason this criminal activity (and it is criminal activity) even came to light, is because the IRS admitted it by apologizing. A free press charged with protecting our freedom by scrutinizing the government abdicated its responsibility to avoid the ugly truth about their favorite liberal administration. I wonder how many other IRS type scandals exist in the federal government. We may never know, because Pres Obama feels no need to do what Pres Bush did in the aforementioned leak case; release everyone from their confidentiality agreements to enable a full accurate investigation.

Some of the posts I made during Pres Obama’s first term:

The common thread in all of the above posts is the miraculous lack of leadership exhibited by Pres Obama. Somehow he is both incapable of accomplishing anything positive for our country and an enabler of the shameless abuse of the federal government’s power with a single purpose; solidify (D) support for the long haul. He will and is accomplishing this goal through by buying votes with amnesty, money for green projects, and outright cash to his voting base all while promoting the destruction of the energy sector, oppressing political opposition and silencing opposition media. I think this administration is the epitome of a tin pot dictatorship run by an ideology and Pres Obama is the proverbial figure cranium, incompetent and indifferent to the will of the people who elected him. Our only recourse is the ballot box. Don’t let your indifference enable a third Obama term. You have a responsibility to vote!

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