Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The gun law straw man has once again found its way into the forefront of the liberal mind. The only thing that will turn off this discussion is another election cycle, during which the liberals will face their constituents and try explaining why their liberty must be dented for what?  For the possibility of the next mentally deranged person actually being discovered by a background check that wouldn't have stopped any of the last 5 mass gun killers anyway or to pile on another law; several of which were broken by the killers long before the shooting began. If you can’t enforce the laws you have now, why would another law solve the problem? 

[sarcasm: ON] This is all right wing nut jobs writing lies about Pres Obama's "AFFORDABLE" Care Act. It's right there in the name. Your internet trolls should wise up and realize Pres Obama will make these insurance companies and rich people pay their fair share, so we can all have "AFFORDABLE" health care. [sarcasm: OFF] We get the government we deserve. Not unlike a child who wants the easy road through school, we will wake up soon and realize all we did was make more work for ourselves to undo the damage we watched be inflicted by this administration. I hope we learn this lesson (yet again) and move on with reviving the country we all want to live in, without the federal government laying its grimy mitts on every aspect of our lives.                                                         

Joseph Mandell Replied:
Let's see; DOW at record high, housing sector recovering, Afghanistan & Iraq withdrawal - this administration sure is "damaging" this country.

Chugiak Tea Replied: (your comment)

Look at the non-talking points from your liberal blog side of things. 7.7% unemployment (lol) is the new norm, nK wants to nuke us, Iran will be nuclear before Pres Obama leaves office, and if the federal government cuts 2.8% of its spending we lose hundreds and thousands of jobs. The federal government is way over its boundaries my friend and it has to stop. I say this to you as an American. Think of how absolutely livid you and the liberal media will be when Pres (insert next republicans name here) is in control of the health exchanges and stops funding abortions, or stem cell research, or free contraception; then hits the undo button on literally thousands of federal regulation written to bypass Congress. That sword cuts both ways and personally I think it stinks; both ways. Put the power shoe on the other foot and ask yourself, do I trust a politician of the other party not to damage my liberty?  

I would like to propose some "common sense" DOG control laws that every American can support. 1-ban on assault dogs; after all these are military style dogs that no home owner needs to protect themselves or their family. 2-limit one dog per family because no one needs multiple dogs. 3-Background check on every American who goes to a dog show and purchases a dog, since those dogs are completely unregulated.  I am positive Mr Kelly is sorry for the demise of that sea lion, but his situation in both of these cases would not have been prevented by government regulation.  By the way aren't these animals in a protected status and what is the penalty for the indiscretion?

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