Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Aftermath!

First and foremost, I freely admit my prediction was wrong. However, I stand by my desire for all Americans to vote, even though my candidate lost. You can bet a liberal in my shoes would point fingers and complain about fairness (blame and obfuscate play 1 and play 2 in the liberal playbook). Remember what I said before the election:

“This country is far bigger and more important than one or two hideously ineffective terms of a president. Give our country “a formal expression of” your opinion; VOTE!”

It appears the indifference of the average American has yet again enabled the liberal tax and spend politicians to drive their constituents to the polls and purchase their re-election. If you are curious what I mean by that, allow me to elaborate. “Get out the vote” campaigns are necessary, we should urge people to vote, tell them how, show them where, and make sure they have the chance to do so; focusing on your constituents. Make no mistake President Obama has been building his constituency with “green energy investments”, “safety net expansions”, and “automobile industry saving” programs, since day one. What I think is even more outrageous is a campaign renting buses, paying drivers and providing lunches to people to get them to the polls. There are a lot of people who have nothing better to do on Election Day, than take a ride and get a lunch, particularly with so many Americans out of work. In politics they call it a “ground game”. If liberals think they have a “better ground game” and that is why they won this election, they may be right. The liberals simply have less of an aversion to bending and outright braking election law to win. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the Philadelphia local papers and the picture of the dude signing in voters wearing an Obama 2012 hat, or the “FORWARD” posters in PA behind the voting desks. The more acceptable it is to give presents to people for their vote, the better chance the people with a lot of money have to win. Currently the (D)s have the upper hand primarily due to forced contributions by union labor into the coffers of liberal politicians. Eventually that will change. I think some in the “labor movement”, which back in the day was very important to establish safety guidelines and living wages, have turned into a mafia of sorts. There are an enormous number of union leaders who simply “community organize” their members, while lining their pockets and the pockets of liberal politicians with dues money provided in many cases without the consent of the member. Once the members realize how they are being exploited, the pool of union “political dues” payers will shrink leading to a shrinking (D) “ground game”. Essentially the union leader leech will drain the middle-class member host and die off. It is an almost perfect parallel to our federal government. The obese federal government is leeching money from the host working class while promising to “improve the lives” of the middle, lower-middle and underclass. In order to keep the promises (old and new) the leech will seek to drain the host even more quickly, eventually destroying both. Personally I would like to hold my fate in my own hands rather than let some bureaucrat working for Health and Human Services, or the IRS, or God forbid the brand new Department of Business proposed by President Obama (as if the Dept of Commerce isn’t enough red tape). However, it appears at this point a majority of citizen hosts are happy to limp along while the federal leech feeds on.

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