Monday, October 29, 2012

Election Forecast

   We are rapidly approaching Election Day and wow am I confused. I simply do not understand how/why so many states (30 I believe) have “early voting” for their residents. It makes sense to me that military voters, federal representatives (who work outside of the state), and folks who have mobility issues might get a little help, but three weeks of early voting? I mean honestly are our citizens that pathetic they can’t even find a way to vote on Election Day? I think we all know the answer to that question. The true answer is that it is much easier for “get out the vote” programs to maximize participation in the election with early voting. You can only fit so many government dependent liberals on a bus enroute to a polling place and that bus can only make so many trips a single day. I would propose that when you register you can ask for help getting to a polling place, if you need it, but begging people to vote is just stupid, expensive and counter-productive. Of course some of you are barking at your computer screen about “right to vote” and “voter suppression”, etc. Relax and read for a second. Set aside your partisan sniping and think about this concept:

If you have to walk up to someone’s door, hand them a registration card, and volunteer to drive them to the polling station after you buy them lunch is that really voting?

According to “vote” is defined as:
Vote noun.

1. a formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive or negative, made by an individual or body of individuals.
2. the means by which such expression is made, as a ballot, ticket, etc.

    I would argue that if Election Day shows up and you do the same thing you do every other day of the week you are in fact providing “a formal expression of opinion or choice”; your choice is to allow others to make a decision for you. There are literally hundreds of examples of countries and historical “elections” in which the absence of participation has led to terrible results, allowing terrible people to take control of a country by “election” only to seize control of the country outside of the legal process they used to come to power initially. My point is simple, get your @$$ out there and vote. I want Gov Romney to win, of course, but it is more important that people go (on their own) to vote. If President Obama is re-elected he will be my President, just like he is now. This country is far bigger and more important than one or two hideously ineffective terms of a president. Give our country “a formal expression of” your opinion; VOTE! If you don’t; please remove me from your “friends list”, or stop “following me” @ChugiakTea, and remove this blog from your “favorites” list. I can handle the whining liberals itching to redistribute what little money I have left, but I cannot and will not listen to whiners who do not VOTE.
P.S. The prediction is Romney/Ryan win by a relatively large margin, several cities (Detroit, LA, SF, and Chicago in particular) have significant rioting, and the liberals in the Senate will allow the sequestration cuts to the DoD be enacted on January 1 out of sheer spite.

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