Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fiscal Cliff!

I have come to the conclusion that our President actually wants to go over the “fiscal cliff” and so do I. Now before everyone goes crazy, hear me out. The basic liberal agenda is tax and spend, don’t you agree? It comes in many forms; they hide taxes in health care bills (about 19 so far, I think), energy policy, and yes even your investment savings. So let’s look at the cliff from a broad perspective.  If President Obama (a more liberal man has never been elected) seeks to continue his spending, how will he do it? I realize we are already over $16T in the hole, but President Obama is like a 25 year model who just married Warren Buffet; off the chart spending spree. I mean this guy is throwing money around like a Powerball winner. He knows he has to raise taxes, unless he wants his base constituency to take a budget beat down at his hands. He claims (ad nauseam) he wants a “balanced approach” and the rich need to “pay their fair share”, but how can he make that happen?  Simple; take an unrealistic, certain to fail position. He most certainly has done that with his $1.6T tax increase proposal that the Senate (D)s won’t even bring to a vote, because they know it will cause them to lose the Senate in 2 yrs time. Now that President Obama has his argument made against the rich and established an unrealistic position that can’t pass either Congressional body, he simply campaigns (like he has for the last four years) without governing and blames the (R)s as we go over the cliff. The end result is a huge tax increase on all Americans, which is his true objective. In addition to achieving his objective, he gets another opportunity to pin the blame on someone else, his leadership forte’. I have to give President Obama some serious credit here. I can barely believe this man has the audacity to even attempt such a transparent bait and switch, but then again he did it for an entire four year term as president already, so why the heck not. I have decided I want to go over the “fiscal cliff”, because honestly I can cut back on one DVR system, reduce my high speed internet access, save some on gas by driving my v6 instead of my v8, and eat out less frequently. I know for a fact the vast majority of people who voted for President Obama cannot absorb the “fiscal cliff” tax increase easily. The economy cannot handle the initial shock and panic will engulf the market, but in the end the only people who will truly suffer are the middle and lower middle class. The impact will cripple people who are on the ragged edge right now, the people who perform unskilled labor, and people who treat their personal finances like President Obama treats our country’s. No one wants to see people suffer, but some times even Americans need to take their medicine. The real problem with going over the cliff is that sequestration does not fix long term fiscal problems with entitlements in a meaningful way, nor does it fix our overly complicated tax system, much less put the brakes on President Obama’s fiscal irresponsibility. So I guess I really don’t want to go over the “fiscal cliff”, even though watching the policies of this administration come to fruition would destroy liberalism in our country for another 20 years and therein lies the difference between conservatives and liberals in a nut shell. A Democrat will throw out the baby with bath water. I would like to believe we will come to an agreement that doesn't make 1.5% growth "normal", but I want to make sure certain people know they are being watched very closely; Sen Begich, Murkowski and Rep Young from Alaska. Please mind your Ps and Qs during fiscal cliff and debt ceiling voting, because Alaskans are watching.

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