Thursday, September 25, 2014


     President Obama has spent the better part of his entire time as president trying to “responsibly end the war in Iraq ” (ref- believing; “there is no military solution to Iraq’s political differences.” Not only does this documented perspective prove the naiveté of our president regarding global jihad, but it gives us some insight to the pure ego-driven policies of this administration. President Obama has overruled his military and intelligence advisers at nearly every decision point. What would make a person do such a thing? How about a lifetime of believing you are the smartest guy in the room? You might wonder what could cause someone to think or actually believe that they are, as Tom Shales of the WaPo recently said "the smartest kid in the class”.  Billionaire Julian Robertson claimed, "Obama, from all I read, thinks that on every occasion that he is the smartest person in the room.  And I think he often probably is. ...". I think this is more accurate; according to Peter Baker of the NYT, "One prominent Democratic lawmaker told me Obama's problem is that he is not insecure -- he always believes he is the smartest person in any room...". I have personally seen a series of “leaders” handpicked from a young age to be “molded” into the “future leaders”, in one specific branch of the military. The thing most of these people have in common with President Obama is their delusion. To a person (I use “person” because women are also afflicted with this delusion), they spend copious amounts of energy mutating their explanation of what is going on to force fit a situation into their personal beliefs and avoiding the reality regarding personal value, capability, and facts. In the military we saw people like this surround themselves with “yes men”, because those are the only people they could tolerate. It is pretty darn easy to think you are brilliant, when everyone you talk to, tells you it is so.
     The delusion in this case has driven President Obama to torture (another thing he campaigned against) the English language not unlike President Clinton, in a futile attempt to prove he was, is, and always will be right and smarter than the rest of us.  Listen to him speak during this overseas counter-terrorism operation in Iraq and Syria (remember it isn’t a war, he already ended that “responsibly”) about the global threat of jihad and terrorists who suddenly, only understand force. He sounds miraculously like George W. Bush. Now, he doesn’t have the Texas twang, or the strange mispronunciation of nuclear; nor does he have an overall “strategery” to deal with the threat of which he speaks. So exactly what does he have going in his favor? Frankly, the uninformed masses in our country are his greatest ally. Very few people (I guess less than half, perhaps 47%, *cough cough) actually remember any of the garbage President Obama spewed forth during his 2012 presidential campaign, like “Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive”. We all know what I think about the very expensive impending Obamacare-like death panel in charge of GM right now, but it is safe to say that President Obama doesn’t understand the threat of global jihadists or the ideology professed by even some of our so called allies anymore than he understands economics. 
      He thought (and still does) that global terrorism is simply a crime problem. You can see his ideological vision in how he treats terrorists we capture. He brings them all to Federal Court and tries to put them behind bars. The only reason we are bombing these ISIS dirt bags is because the emotionally stressed liberals in America started to turn against President Obama when the beheading videos arrived on the internet. President Obama is correct, this isn’t a war, it’s merely a counter-terrorism operation (*cough cough) to make the left feel safe in an election year. Cynical you say? Not quite. This is cynical –the only reason we didn’t start bombing ISIS sooner (even President Obama admits he knew of their threat for over 6 months), is a “war” starting poll bump only lasts for about three months, so this timing is based on a 6 Nov 14 election.

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