Friday, August 8, 2014

Here We Go AGAIN!

Watching liberals, (you know the ones who’s history is marked by their protests against the Vietnam War, their contempt for George W. Bush and their hyperbolic criticism of the Iraq War) try to tap dance around their public comments as the situation in Iraq gets worse; I laugh out loud. Does anyone in America believe President Obama is capable of handling the cancer he has allowed to metastasize all in the name of re-election before it actually touches our shores? 

You have to ask yourself; if you don't have an actual military objective; like free Kuwait or dethrone some dictator, why risk multimillion dollar jets and their aircrew? I think we have a mission here, not just some flaccid attempt to un-fornicate your ignorant foreign policy. Define the mission and verbalize your strategy, you feckless academic. Please do it before it costs us another 10 years of loss in that third world dump. I always tell my kids you work hard now or work harder later, but you will work. If it's worth doing, it is damn well worth doing correctly. 

The stated objective of the non-operation operation in Iraq is to "defend Americans in Irbil". Once again I have to laugh at the shear incompetence of the NCA and the hypocrisy of their consistent assurances of "no American boots on the ground". It's more than apparent, that no one  in this administration (including the JCS chair) learned a damn thing from post WWII military operations. Here is a quote from President Kennedy's library explaining how the US became involved in Vietnam. I simply changed the names of the national leaders, enemy and capital cities. I replaced Vietcong with Islamists, Vietnam with Iraq, Diem with Maliki, Catholic with Shia, Buddhists with Christians, 16,500 with 300, and September 1963 with August 2014. Emphasis identifies my changes.


Corruption, religious differences, and mounting successes by the Islamists weakened the Iraqi government of Prime Minister Maliki. Maliki is Shia, and public protests over the repression of Christians threatened the stability of his regime. Obama accelerated the flow of American aid and gradually increased U.S. military advisers to more than 300. At the same time, he pressed the Maliki government to clean house and institute long-overdue political and economic reforms.
The situation did not improve. In August of 2014, President Obama declared in an interview, "In the final analysis, it is their war. They are the ones who have to win it or lose it. We can help them, we can give them equipment, we can send our men out there as advisers, but they have to win it, the people of Iraq, against the Islamists. . ." 

End Quote

More than 10 years later we abandoned our efforts in Vietnam.

Personally I think it proves that a liberal revisionist Ivy League “education” doesn't make you smart, a capable administrator or adept at the art of leadership. Heck even the US Air Force thinks you can teach leadership from zero to Hap Arnold. How’s that working for ya?
Save your money parents of America; choose a state school and supplement your kids’ education with extensive historical fact based multi-source research. Most importantly make sure they don’t vote for inexperienced fools because they think it’s cool to be part of something new. If they want to be part of something cool, remind them they already are part of the coolest thing on earth America; now don’t screw it up! 

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