Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The Obama administration has a pattern of deception we have all seen in response to any issues that sneak through the liberal media wall. The process goes like this, first deny any knowledge, then point the finger of blame at your adversary, finally claim to have identified the problem and declare a fix in the works. This is the exact pattern we have seen from Fast -n-Furious to Benghazi to Syria to the IRS to Obamacare and of course the economy. The interesting common thread in these scandals is the total absence of accountability. The president uses this phrase nearly every time he speaks of an issue of concern to the American people, “let me be clear, those responsible will be held accountable”. He used it when speaking to the parents of the dead men of Benghazi, he used it almost immediately after the IRS scandal broke and many many more times. The problem is, no one; not a single administration official has ever been held accountable for anything that has occurred on their watch. How is that possible?  It is only possible because the rest of the administration is a mirror of the president. He assumes no, none, zero responsibility for anything that happens in this country or in the world since day one in his presidency. He has accomplished a total of two things as president, as far as I can tell. First, he got Osama Bin Laden, a truly great achievement with a strange twist. He really had little to do with it except providing the go decision (admittedly a tough decision). Second, he passed the “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare), possibly the biggest buffoonery ever committed in Washington since somebody got something on their dress and no one cleaned it up.  Who is responsible for this legal and fiscal disaster? Who would conceive of such an intrusion on our civil liberties and impose it on the American people over a Christmas break with only one party’s votes?  No one who lives, lived or even talks to people in the real world could or would have done it. Only a person totally ideological and disconnected from reality or completely incompetent could ever think that insuring an extra 30 million people would somehow be cheaper for those of us in the working class. Liberal Senators have already starting complaining that Obamacare needs more funding. Lord knows we will all be paying through the nose for this buffoonerous takeover of the healthcare insurance industry by a government that can’t even stop illegal aliens from living in the country so long, they can create generations’ deep families. A responsibility actual required by the Constitution.  It is simply outrageous. The problem we face in America now is whom do we hold accountable?

 I for one find it impossible to believe that President Obama, a man who is so intimately involved in the development of his health insurance law that he personally called a college student to congratulate her on her campaign for free rubbers, was so disconnected from the “big rollout” that he didn’t know about the website problems. It seems simple to me, either President Obama is completely disconnected from his beloved Obamacare that he never asked to see the website or look at data from the testing process or he is the most sheltered bungling president America has ever seen (all due respect to Pres Carter’s bungling administration). The problem we face now is regardless of whether President Obama is disconnected, or if he is simply in way over his head; the American people will be paying for his presidency for decades to come.  I still can’t believe he won re-election. I guess we truly get what we vote for in America. It’s not like we didn’t know it was coming. You can simply look at articles like The Buck Stops Here! and Leadership—Show some! from the first term. The only thing more disheartening is the lack of opposition capable of doing a better job.

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