Monday, September 10, 2012

I HOPE I am wrong!

   I am curious what people might be thinking when they profess their support for President Obama. It wasn’t until this past week, during the Democratic National Convention; I think I figured it out. Liberals don’t really have any idea why they support the Democrat Party; it just feels like the correct thing to do. Logic is removed from their thought process by their overwhelming emotional response to symbolic words and deeds. You might be thinking Chugiak you are some kind of egomaniac or something, but wait for just a minute. How else do you explain blind support of a president that has done nothing, (literally) nothing to promote growth in our economy in almost four years and does even less to make the world a safer place to live? Somehow liberals and a lot of “independents” will vote for President Obama again and honestly I believe they are responding emotionally with little conscious thought. I realize many folks support President Obama because they are afraid of a Republican putting a stop to their free stuff, whether it is food stamps, contraception, welfare, or college loans for 3% interest, but there are a large number of folks who feel pity for President Obama. Yes, pity. Many Americans voted for President Obama during a massive wave of war weariness’ in a post 9/11 era and a feeling of excitement that we could move into a post-racial America. The latter was frequently mentioned on mainstream news outlets while overlooking the obvious issue of the former. As a result, I think a lot of Americans are sympathetic to President Obama’s claim that the economy was much worse than even he knew, because no one likes to admit it when they make a bad decision. It is these people, voting because they feel pity for a President who “tried” his best, which will re-elect President Obama and allow him to fulfill his only true promise to “fundamentally change America”. I HOPE these people wake up soon and CHANGE their mind, for the sake of our country.

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