Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Clear Choice!

Nothing makes a political junky like me salivate like the presidential campaign’s 4th quarter. We are almost in the home stretch and the picture of our choice is becoming clear, well at least to me. In order to highlight how I see this political campaign let’s look at two of the most controversial ads put out by each of the campaigns.

First, Gov Romney is taking quite a bit of heat from the liberal main stream media sources and the White House for this ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F4LtTlktm0&feature=player_embedded

It seems pretty straight forward; President Obama has changed (fundamentally) the requirement for folks who receive welfare to seek employment. It seems to me to be logical that we (as a country) should encourage folks to gain employment and free themselves of the chains of welfare. However, the President’s new policy as submitted from the Secretary HHS in this memo: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/ofa/policy/im-ofa/2012/im201203/im201203.html
 I will let you read and interpret the memo, but at least we have some sort of information to evaluate. Whether or not you believe this completely undermines the Welfare reform of the 90s is up to you. Personally, I see another Obama administration assault on our system. I don’t mean to say he is ruining our Welfare system, I mean he is abusing his Executive power (with direct support from the Senate) by usurping Congressional authority and doing whatever he damn well pleases with “regulation” and “policies”. Ultimately, this ad highlights a difference in political philosophy. Clearly this President believes or thinks he is above our Constitutional constraints on the overall federal government and the Executive branch within. Romney is identifying a clear policy difference between himself and President Obama.

Second, President Obama is getting a lot of support in the liberal media for his explanation (according to NBC News) of Bain Capital’s business practices. Here is one of the ads: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud3mMj0AZZk

I personally think this ad just attacks Gov Romney for his business experience (albeit successful) and his wealth with regard to the “tax havens” and “secret bank accounts”. The ad says nothing about policy differences; it just attempts to make Gov Romney look mean and rich.  I think it would better serve the Obama campaign to create a remake of A Christmas Carol with Gov Romney as Scrooge. It has the same legitimacy and will actual appeal to older liberals who are still too blind to see President Obama’s bait and switch campaign. It says nothing, absolutely zero, about what President Obama has done with or will do with four years. The only reason not to show your future employer (ie the American people) you resume’ is because it is poor.

Bottom line for this campaign:

Choice A: 4 more yrs of executive branch overreach and a very slow economy.

Choice B: Something different.

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