Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekly News Update (Wk 1, Feb 15)

I have decided to move to weekly news summary format. The new format will include my four or five favorite stories from the week with a quick one paragraph summary or my retort to the author and a link to the article which brought the topic to my attention. Not to worry I will also throw in the occasional post that you are used to reading in which I attempt to highlight the inept leadership of our country, the state of Alaska, and sometimes other states. Here we go:

The Audacity of Freedom

“He is free from the need to save an economy close to collapse”—delusional liberal garbage typed and published by a political hack. What exactly is your intent here EJ? Are you trying to make the country believe that 7.9% unemployment, < 2% growth, and $16+T of debt are normal? You should be charged with journalistic mal-practice. The only reason you are not is your equals in the media share your objective. I cannot believe anyone publishes this type of bunk. I really hope Pres Obama sends you a Valentine’s Day card; after all he owes you something for this level of love and admiration. 

Republicans Abdicate on Policy

House= 4 budgets passed Senate = 0 budgets passed Regardless of whether you agree with the budget or not, passing the budget in your particular part of Congress is step one to resolving any differences. There is only one side of Congress abdicating its responsibility. The fact that any of you would argue its the House's fault simply identifies your lack of understanding of our government. For the record, a budget isn't only a "responsibility"; it's a legal requirement.

Winning the Argument

Eugene you are such a simpleton. You routinely make false statements and use them to bolster your political point of view. "The premise that government is always the problem and never the solution."--no one thinks (not even the most conservative person) that government is "never the solution". The government has a list of responsibilities for which it is directed to be the solution. You may have heard of the Constitution it states plainly those things for which the federal government is the solution. The piece you and every other liberal fail to recognize or admit is that you all (even (R)s go way past those responsibilities.

Wheels are Coming Off

“The IRS shocked the law’s advocates by announcing that the insurance exchanges won’t provide subsidies for a child whose parent is covered at work.”—sometimes reality slaps a liberal right in the face.

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