Thursday, March 22, 2012

“The Perfect Man”

Man is fallible. In fact, there is not a single human being that does not have great flaws. I too have flaws. My major flaws include but are not limited to; intolerance for others at times, computer game addiction, sports addiction (perceived laziness as a result), occasional fibs, and I eat and drink too much. Knowing your own flaws gives you the opportunity to fix the flaws or at least work on them. If you don’t think you have flaws, you have big, I mean huge issues.

The problem we have in our country right now is we have a President of the United States, who thinks he has no flaws. He has and can do no wrong. How can I say this about my President you ask? The proof is in his words/actions. We all know politicians are elected because they have the unique ability to cover up their flaws and make us think they are interested in our betterment. President Obama is not, period. This MAN (our President) is better at obfuscating than any man or politician I have ever seen. Take for example, oil drilling, the Affordable Care Act, and the failed “green” energy subsidy program.

Oil drilling:

A recently released (and revised) report from the U.S. government's Energy Information Administration (EIA) revealed a 12-percent decline in production for coal, oil, and natural gas on federal and Indian lands from fiscal 2003 through fiscal 2011, its lowest point in nine years.

President Obama (in Cushing Oklahoma 21 Mar 12): “Now, under my administration, America is producing more oil today than at any time in the last eight years.”

Affordable Care Act:
CBO: “The ACA’s (Affordable Care Act) provisions related to insurance coverage are now projected to have a net cost of $1,252 billion over the 2012-2022 period,” says the CBO report. “[T]hat amount represents a gross cost to the federal government of $1,762 billion, offset in part by $510 billion in receipts and other budgetary effects (primarily revenues from penalties and other sources)” ( The Kaiser Family Foundation recently reported that the average family premium has already increased $2,200 since the start of this administration.
From the White House ( “The health policy experts and economists who have looked at this legislation have said we are pursuing every possible mechanism to reduce health care costs. The Congressional Budget Office found that health insurance reform will reduce the deficit by $210 billion in this decade and by more than $1 trillion over the following 10 years. And a family of four would save as much as $2,300 on their premiums in 2014 compared to what they would have paid without reform.”


During a May 2010 visit to Solyndra, President Obama explicitly credited the Recovery Act with supporting the company’s early success, when he said:
“Less than a year ago, we were standing on what was an empty lot, but through the Recovery Act, this company received a loan to expand its operations.  This new factory is the result of those loans.”

In an interview with, President Obama said was asked about Solyndra (a company he used U.S. taxpayer money to invest in solar energy projects): Part of the reason they did was because the Chinese were subsidizing their solar industry and flooding the market in ways that Solyndra couldn't compete. But understand: This was not our program, per se. Congress -- Democrats and Republicans -- put together a loan guarantee program because they understood historically that when you get new industries, it's easy to raise money for startups”.

Mr President you have a problem accepting your role and responsibility for our country’s problems from inside your academic based, tax payer funded bubble. Regardless of what your staff, supporters and the media tell you sir, you are far from “the perfect man” for this job.

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